A baby-thundercow has been born in a distant land

my polyvore.com creation

Her name is usually Irena and more often than not – she lives in Petach Tiqwa, Israel. The inevitable question that a delicate reader may ask therein is: “Why the fuck will anyone want to live in Petach Tiqwa, Israel?”

The answer for that, my friends, will not be simple; but I can give my word that I will do my best in answering this after a while. This may be connected to the uniqueness of mind that she tries to achieve or to a yellow- vegetables-overdose that she has got during her teens. Only the time will unfold this; only the time.

In a meanwhile, while that pondering fog is spreading above your hads and taking control over your whole being, I am going to explore the limits of this vast blogosphere.

Goodbye for now!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Greetings, cowgirl. you were Rssed.


  2. Thanks
    I am deeply flattered.


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