A few optimistic notions about myself

The impact of losing my job and failing at 2 courses at the senior year at college have made me uncertain about the path i have chosen four years before.

But few points that still make my eyes shine are:

1. I am 26. That means that theoretically speaking I am still adaptable, have an efficient level of serotonin in my brain and I’m quite charming in my own youthful way.

2. According to the diagnostic assessment at http://www.mytherapy.com I have no disorder whatsoever.

3. My relationship status is “in relationship” and its content is satisfactory (thank god/s and my boyfriend)

4. I live at 21st century at an OECD country. I know how to read and have an access to food and internet.

5. I have all my arms, legs, ears and eyes attached to their appropriate places.

Now give me 1 million US dollars and I’ll be happier than ever.


One response to this post.

  1. It’s always good to be positive.


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