Two disturbing dreams I had last night

1. The Nazi Germany.

Scenery #1: A woman in white dress critiqued somebody’s wardrobe. I answered to er that god have created us all naked.

Scenery #2: It’s 1937. I was at the sity bus (or some kind of tran) and two nazi officers requested for my passport.  I looked out the window and was people wearing black uniform and my eyes sat on a blond fat female with black belt.

I have reached my wallet and it was my mom’s. There was no ID so I said at my poor german that my name is Irena and I was born at Leningrad, USSR.  The woman started to speak russian and the man- hebrew. We laughed and I kiked the man with my bag just for laughs. And then I woke up.

2. The Gangster Wars

There was shooting incident between two black guys with blond haircut and a white informer. There wore colourful clothes and pointed shoes.

I ran away to the police station. While running I encountered a white beast at the forest and killed it (it has tried to attack me).

When I reached the police station- it was at the middle of the forest located at an old picturesque building with beautiful emblems on it.  At the building I have tolld the officer what was going on but he ignored me saying he’s in the middle of investigation.  The people at the office carried big stocks of paper.

The end.


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