About breaking the non-written taboos

At friday night (it was yesterday, to be exact) I brought my mom to a pub.
It was actually a barn for 18-year-old human cattle called youth. Many of them where at the age of my youngest sister hoping to escape their middle class family routine (which created a new middle class routine but please don’t tell them that – they’re too young).

So my mom, my boyfriend and myself were sitting in the pub, while listenning to not-so-irritating music and sitting next to a very sticky table.
I had heart-to-heart loud talking with my beloved parent (the music was very loud) with few times updating the boyfriend on the findings (again, the music was too loud). Occationally I picked the wondering looks of the surrounding youngsters: some of them where secretely scared that their parents will come there, too.

From the events above, my conclusion of the day was that we should do this more.

– The End –


2 responses to this post.

  1. I had a similar experience. It’s amazing how something seemingly awful can be an enjoyable experience. Then again, not everyone has family that you’d want to take out to the bar either.


  2. I totally agree with you. Some family members I can`t stand more that 5 minutes.
    I had many issues with my mom, but after growing up I realized that she`s an excellent beer buddy.


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