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The New Day

After a relatively long period of time- I am finally here.
Two days from now I will be aged 27.
The feeling is that I am still a teenager, feel good but unfulfilled and questioning everything.
Do I really want to accomplish whatever I tried to; does it worth it all?
Do I want to be like the woman, who sits next to me in a cubicle, to have the same job for 20 years?

Can I live the life otherwise?


שיר הלל לשנת 2010

האיפור התייבש על התחת

המופע- התעייף ונשכח

אז נצרח, נשתרע בנחת

על מפה בגימור משובח

שתי מנות מוקפאות של אורניום

ועובד זר אחד מבנקוק

– עורבבו בחדרי חדרים הם

עם חצי צמר גפן מתוק

בואו נפצח בריקוד פוסט-מודרני

נאכיל גם כמה כוכבנים

נעשיר קצת את מר לא-חסר-לי

ונבטיח שלום עולמים!

האיפור התייבש על התחת

המופע- התעייף ונשכח

אז נצרח, נשתרע בנחת

על מפה בגימור משובח

About breaking the non-written taboos

At friday night (it was yesterday, to be exact) I brought my mom to a pub.
It was actually a barn for 18-year-old human cattle called youth. Many of them where at the age of my youngest sister hoping to escape their middle class family routine (which created a new middle class routine but please don’t tell them that – they’re too young).

So my mom, my boyfriend and myself were sitting in the pub, while listenning to not-so-irritating music and sitting next to a very sticky table.
I had heart-to-heart loud talking with my beloved parent (the music was very loud) with few times updating the boyfriend on the findings (again, the music was too loud). Occationally I picked the wondering looks of the surrounding youngsters: some of them where secretely scared that their parents will come there, too.

From the events above, my conclusion of the day was that we should do this more.

– The End –

Two disturbing dreams I had last night

1. The Nazi Germany.

Scenery #1: A woman in white dress critiqued somebody’s wardrobe. I answered to er that god have created us all naked.

Scenery #2: It’s 1937. I was at the sity bus (or some kind of tran) and two nazi officers requested for my passport.  I looked out the window and was people wearing black uniform and my eyes sat on a blond fat female with black belt.

I have reached my wallet and it was my mom’s. There was no ID so I said at my poor german that my name is Irena and I was born at Leningrad, USSR.  The woman started to speak russian and the man- hebrew. We laughed and I kiked the man with my bag just for laughs. And then I woke up.

2. The Gangster Wars

There was shooting incident between two black guys with blond haircut and a white informer. There wore colourful clothes and pointed shoes.

I ran away to the police station. While running I encountered a white beast at the forest and killed it (it has tried to attack me).

When I reached the police station- it was at the middle of the forest located at an old picturesque building with beautiful emblems on it.  At the building I have tolld the officer what was going on but he ignored me saying he’s in the middle of investigation.  The people at the office carried big stocks of paper.

The end.

A few optimistic notions about myself

The impact of losing my job and failing at 2 courses at the senior year at college have made me uncertain about the path i have chosen four years before.

But few points that still make my eyes shine are:

1. I am 26. That means that theoretically speaking I am still adaptable, have an efficient level of serotonin in my brain and I’m quite charming in my own youthful way.

2. According to the diagnostic assessment at I have no disorder whatsoever.

3. My relationship status is “in relationship” and its content is satisfactory (thank god/s and my boyfriend)

4. I live at 21st century at an OECD country. I know how to read and have an access to food and internet.

5. I have all my arms, legs, ears and eyes attached to their appropriate places.

Now give me 1 million US dollars and I’ll be happier than ever.